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Instantly Visualize Your Big Data with Platfora’s Vizboards

Platfora’s Vizboards intuitively turn the big data into visual charts, graphs, or whatever is most appropriate


Organizations that rely on the big data processing power of Hadoop can come across problems when the raw data of Business Intelligence (BI) workflow creates a bottleneck. The analysts who need the data to make decisions do not typically have the advanced programming skills required to access the mountains of data in Hadoop. Platfora removes this bottleneck by transforming the raw data in Hadoop into interactive, in-memory BI without the need for a separate data warehouse. Platfora’s Vizboards intuitively turn the big data into visual charts, graphs, or whatever is most appropriate. The Vizboards user can then filter out unneeded information as well as view analysis and results as they go. Another powerful feature allows the analyst to take snap shots of data and results to save them, or to add notes. These capabilities are very useful when the data is showing new insights you might not have expected!

Another cool thing about Platfora’s Vizboards is the product’s ability to share and secure visualizations, thus making it the perfect team tool. Teams can collaborate by sharing data already loaded in-memory and leveraging work already done. Sharing Vizboards is easy, and securing them is both simple and comprehensive. The product’s security approach provides Data Level Security, User-Created Object-Level Security, and System-Level Security.

One of Platfora’s outspoken clients is Edmunds.com, the automotive research site. As data volume and variety grew because of their popular mobile application, they utilized Hadoop to store data more economically and Vizboards to integrate that data for more agility. With Platfora, the number of employees able to leverage this data grew from 5 to 50 overnight. As is often the case with big data, new information arrives all the time. The Edmunds.com team is now able to put any new information to use in hours as opposed to months. Edmunds.com feels that they couldn’t have become the exceptionally fast and reliable automotive search site they are if it were not for the competitive edge they got from Platfora.

You can learn more about Platfora Vizboards, here.

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